Best Plays From All-Star Starter Kawhi Leonard | 2020-21 NBA Season

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7 days ago

Kawhi Leonard is making his 5th #NBAAllStar appearance. Drafted as the 15th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft out of San Diego State, Kawhi is a 2x NBA champion and 2x #KiaDPOY. This season, he’s averaging 26.7 PPG, 5.9 RPG and 5.0 APG for the LA Clippers.
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disgraced101 5 hours ago
Kawhi kicking himself for not load managing enough to get out of All-Star selection
erwin hamodiong
erwin hamodiong 15 hours ago
Humble superstar
Reilly Hurley
Reilly Hurley 19 hours ago
arniel vizano
arniel vizano 22 hours ago
Smooth and Simple playing 🔥
Claws Clint
Claws Clint Day ago
The klaws is my favorite player . 3 players still my idol jordan kawhi kobi
yvx 700
yvx 700 Day ago
The King!
Will Kelly
Will Kelly Day ago
He looks like rip Hamilton.
Reymark Ilan
Reymark Ilan Day ago
After lebron's retirement kawhi is the next goat of nba legacies
CAM CAM Day ago
The goats
Max Lofty
Max Lofty 3 days ago
Hopefully his teammates don't choke during the playoffs lol
Terminator 3.0 updated
Mehdi Pakfetrat
Mehdi Pakfetrat 3 days ago
This man deserve more respect and more credit he's just behind james in this era no one better than him
noted 4 days ago
kawhi > pg kawhi > giannis kawhi > embiid kawhi > ad
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 2 days ago
@noted and I'm a Harden fan lol
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 2 days ago
@noted I mostly agree my guy
noted 3 days ago
@Chase Davis just imo, kawhi is a beast
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
He's 100% better than AD and PG! Embiid is debatable!
Rodel Bero
Rodel Bero 4 days ago
CYBORG 💪💪💪💪💪
Bok Bok
Bok Bok 4 days ago
Kawhi ☝️💪❤️
Ocean King
Ocean King 5 days ago
Kawhi makes shooting so easy n simple . What a great player
Ramirez Wilmo
Ramirez Wilmo 5 days ago
Kawhi moves are so simple but yet so classic!
Scott See
Scott See 5 days ago
8:19 reminds me of his steal against westbrook a long time ago when he still was at san antonio. Perfect timing ugh Westbrook and now fox those are two really fast dudes man.
David Lin
David Lin 5 days ago
Hes looking very very healthy this year. Haven't seen him move so well on the court since 2017.
Genesis Deramos
Genesis Deramos 5 days ago
My favorite player right now! "The klaw" DPOY💪🙏
alfe marata
alfe marata 5 days ago
Solid kawhi
SANIL VARGHESE Snazzy Creations
SANIL VARGHESE Snazzy Creations 5 days ago
help me
help me 5 days ago
Bruh reading comments like troll accs so cringey man. I know some of y'all are haters but let this years' stat sink into your small brains. Hes one of the most Best Player in the league rn, one of the best guards and Clip is top 3 team with Jazz and Lakers. Come on man he deserve that Starter spot
MoMoneyLessProblems 5 days ago
Don't mean nothing after last year's game seven. The only way this man can regain his former glory is if he brings the chip home this year. Him and Pandemic P have a lot to prove and they can't prove it during the regular season.
Ronaldo Gamboa
Ronaldo Gamboa 5 days ago
Second str8 mvp come on kawhi bring to the CLIPPERS YOUR MVP TROPHY
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
The change I’m seeking
The change I’m seeking 5 days ago
Looking like Horace grant 😂
Darragh Daly
Darragh Daly 5 days ago
Man got me my chip
Kyle Lowry Super fan
Kyle Lowry Super fan 5 days ago
Only question I have with his career: Kawhi did you leave Toronto?
Michael Zhou
Michael Zhou 5 days ago
8:25 good lord.
Chong Pooka
Chong Pooka 5 days ago
Kawhy owe me money
Khaliis Take
Khaliis Take 5 days ago
Kawhi the great
Kobe 924
Kobe 924 5 days ago
That block on mccollum... SMH
BESIL MACHADO 5 days ago
Should prove himself more in clutch times .. rest all hes a beast
JPL Day ago
ld 5 days ago
Kawhi 100% deserves this. I’m tired of people bringing up last year’s playoff performance to discredit his accomplishments- his career didn’t start last season!!
Thomas 13 hours ago
@Tan recency bias, you just gotta accept the fact that people are very stupid...
Kesena Ememere
Kesena Ememere 19 hours ago
@Tan exactly.
BIG MAN KAWHI FAN 3 days ago
@Tan yes sir , kawhi won them a chip in one year
Tan 4 days ago
they point at last year's game 7 but forget about the year before's game 7.
anthony lovett
anthony lovett 4 days ago
Actually Kawhi had carried the team all year and burned out in the playoffs because he STILL had to carry the team. People were pissed about the “load management” and because they took it as he didn’t generally give a damn. SOME people were waiting for a failure so they could go in on him
Mohammad Abu shanab
Mohammad Abu shanab 5 days ago
A f u n guy makes the game fun to watch.
Viking Actual
Viking Actual 5 days ago
PG got snubbed
XXX 5 days ago
Dovydas 5 days ago
Love Kawhi! Perfect player!
Kaleb Pointer
Kaleb Pointer 5 days ago
Love you boo 🥰 congrats
Inexpugnabilis 6 days ago
My favorite player 👌🏼
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming 6 days ago
They need more raptors like Kyle Lowry and this team will have its chip
Flashy Merty
Flashy Merty 6 days ago
He is a BEAST
SSam Cobalt
SSam Cobalt 6 days ago
Priya price
S M 6 days ago
This all star game if they play with the same intensity as last years can be the best to come. We got the top 5 players in LBJ, KD< Curry, Kawhi and Giannis. 2 of the best centers in Joel and Jokic, the magic man Kyrie Irving, and 2 studs in Luka and Bradley Beal.
Cheeser 6 days ago
King, Slim reaper, Inspiration dude, Robot, Uncle drew/Sage man, Trust the process, Sick white dude, Donakick and Mr. Free me
Heroic Enemy
Heroic Enemy 6 days ago
Best player today
BeastModeSteez 6 days ago
Y’all calling bro the GOAT after he choked hard last year is funny ..... y’all would have been on Lebron head still if that happened to him 😂 But Ight 🤦🏾‍♂️
bramboozled 5 days ago
Most all-time greats have choked. It's important to lose so you can learn from that and improve.
Hamza Mohamed
Hamza Mohamed 5 days ago
Every great player choked. LeBron in 2011, kobe blew 3-1 against Phoenix and got swept by Dirk. Kawhi already got 2 rings he has nothing to prove
D Rose
D Rose 6 days ago
Kawhi is really fun to watch his game his smooth
Rockes 3 days ago
@Chase Davis Lmao never heard of big homie, and I noticed he ain't here no more.
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
@Rockes I put a clown because your wasting your time replying to ade tovar! He's an infamous troll!
Rockes 3 days ago
@Chase Davis Lmao don't try that. clips ain't shit without Kawhi regardless
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
@Rockes 🤡
Rockes 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy Really judging him over something from last year, you the clown here tbh
Mario Christian
Mario Christian 6 days ago
The Lion...Kawhi...fearless def. And off.
Limitedly Unlimited
Limitedly Unlimited 6 days ago
Still the best two-way player in the NBA!
bramboozled 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy You let him live in your mind rent free
Herosennin44 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy Every superstar hell all time great have choke jobs. The Clippers also choked as team, not just Kawhi. This is just some dumb shit. So Lebron is shit because he choked a couple times too? Hell a lot more times than Kawhi who has only had one choke job till so far.
JUN KUN 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy look a lebum fan.....
Cheeser 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy ayo I dont like those vibes from the comment but that shit funny😂
Jan Millen Serna
Jan Millen Serna 6 days ago
Best 2 way player right now. Carry on...
BmontyMk 6 days ago
Kawhi leveled up, I hope they will make it pass the second round the franchise derves it.
BmontyMk 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy yes LeBron 2011 4th quarter he was so clutch
Darren Balanay
Darren Balanay 6 days ago
He's very strong
Ambition 6 days ago
Pg deserves a spot
Mel Balbox
Mel Balbox 6 days ago
8:29 grabs like he wants that seasons MVP.
Marcelo 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy this is a cringey joke
Almighty Harry
Almighty Harry 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy this shit was so ass...
Scooter 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy rent free
Rico The Pico
Rico The Pico 6 days ago
Kawhi for MVP! Like if your with me!
Carl Andrew Abarquez
Carl Andrew Abarquez 6 days ago
Sport Lover
Sport Lover 6 days ago
Kawhi is in a different level of being a cyborg
Kyle Lowry Super fan
Kyle Lowry Super fan 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy only klan members replace c’s with k’s
Klaw Company02
Klaw Company02 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy Where's the Nuggets Now? They're Continue to Struggle After they Let Go off Jeramy Grant keep Dreamin are You Fakers or Denver Nuggets? Bandwagon Lol!
fr fr
fr fr 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy sheesh that’s a cringe comment lol
谷川竜都 6 days ago
Ioad management
Mel Balbox
Mel Balbox 6 days ago
Tell that to Embiid. Not Kawhi this year.
LeBeautiful 6 days ago
KaWOW Leonard!!!!
Klaw Company02
Klaw Company02 4 days ago
LeBeautiful since Freedawkins Highlights Up until Now! 🤭💪
Inexpugnabilis 6 days ago
I see you everywhere 😂😂😂 Btw I love your comments 👌🏼
Icar Abing
Icar Abing 6 days ago
The klaw 🖐️🖐️🖐️ mi loves 💕❤️😍
360Hyp3rDunk 6 days ago
Trae Young > KAWHI
bramboozled 5 days ago
This You? 🤡
360Hyp3rDunk 6 days ago
@A L I also don’t think you can handle it.
360Hyp3rDunk 6 days ago
@A L Brandon Ingram > Paul George
A L 6 days ago
I'll have what this dude's smoking
Zincelec 6 days ago
I swear he's better than LeBron
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri 3 days ago
@BeastModeSteez Kawhi's not better than LeBron, but don't forget about 2011.
Weeb Slayer
Weeb Slayer 4 days ago
@BeastModeSteez so u just gonna act like 2018 lakers didn't happen
BeastModeSteez 6 days ago
Yea that was the biggest choke nobody gonna forget that . They was up 3-1 G with the guy you call better than Lebron 😂
Krish13 6 days ago
The best
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 6 days ago
Embiid better than him
Mel Balbox
Mel Balbox 6 days ago
@Gabriel Kissell I didn't said Embiid sucks,his fans sucks.
Gabriel Kissell
Gabriel Kissell 6 days ago
@Mel Balbox embiid doesn’t suck, but kawhi is better than him
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 6 days ago
@Mel Balbox bruh. He better than everyone.
Mel Balbox
Mel Balbox 6 days ago
Go watch Embiid's highlights dude. Sucks hahaha
Sweet Potatoe
Sweet Potatoe 6 days ago
I'm here too watching
Ginger Dragon
Ginger Dragon 6 days ago
Kawhi take L: 😐 Kawhi take W:😐
Ivan Day ago
@Tan omg lmao
Tan 4 days ago
@fr fr kawhi wins chip: "aha ha ha ha ha"
bramboozled 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy Rent free
fr fr
fr fr 6 days ago
Kawhi wins chip 🖕💍
Alfred Lu
Alfred Lu 6 days ago
Maybe the total reformation is too huge for someone, but we're just want games to be attractive. Here's my recommendation for a smaller reformation: 1. For strong vs weak games, give 10 points to the weak team before the game starts. 2. Reduce the number of strong vs weak games 3. Remove all back to back games 4. Invest more on medical equipment 5. Increase training on referees 6. All Star should be played liked last year
Kyler Piening
Kyler Piening 6 days ago
Best player
Nacho Iglesias
Nacho Iglesias 5 days ago
@A NBA fan how many times u re going to say it bruh
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 6 days ago
@Phantom White yep, better than kawhi
Phantom White
Phantom White 6 days ago
@A NBA fan kk whatever makes you feel better
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 6 days ago
Embiid even better than him
SirBrokenChicken 6 days ago
He's pretty good but not the best
Pungent Sauce
Pungent Sauce 6 days ago
5 Views. 23 Likes. 16 Comments. Seems legit.
X 6 days ago
He dunks so easily
Cachorro Joven
Cachorro Joven 6 days ago
Wooo come on team Kawhi
Roger Pais
Roger Pais 6 days ago
Kawhi > ad
TYS Raye 901
TYS Raye 901 18 hours ago
@A NBA fan i want what you're smoking
Jack B
Jack B Day ago
Oh no not again welp nuggets in 7 sorry but history Reapets it self
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 2 days ago
@Daemon Balanar I say stop
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
@A NBA fan yes
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 3 days ago
@Klaw Company02 stop teasing us with that shot, Kawhi just got lucky. Also stop reminding me that, such a bad memory 😡
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 6 days ago
MauveBall 6 days ago
Boardman gets paid.
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
@Tyree Burnett 🤡
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal 6 days ago
Kawhi has been on a mission this year
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
@Tyrues he's a troll you slow ass
Marco Rivadulla Taibo
Marco Rivadulla Taibo 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy if u only came to hate... that describes u so good
Tyrues 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy you really are a sad person 🤣 you respond to every single kawhi comment with hate how sad is your life if you spend all your time doing that 🤡🤡
czurq 6 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy ??? 😐
Bro Bh
Bro Bh 6 days ago
NBA is awesome to Watch
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns 6 days ago
The Claw!!!
JPL Day ago
@A NBA fan they shouldnt let kids comment freely..
JUN KUN 4 days ago
@A NBA fan don't you ever compare Embiid to leonard, Leonard can lead a Toronto team to a championship and evem in his 2nd year he is already the fmvp
A NBA fan
A NBA fan 4 days ago
@JUN KUN he’s only in the nba for 5 season
JUN KUN 4 days ago
@A NBA fan does embiid have a ring?
JUN KUN 4 days ago
@A NBA fan lucky or not it made embiid cry
mo Dolla
mo Dolla 6 days ago
Kawhi the underrated goat 🐐
Ocean King
Ocean King 5 days ago
Not some of the Lakers fans here crying n been so cringing
Crankyeye ALT
Crankyeye ALT 5 days ago
@Thon Maker lol I give him props but he blew a 3-1 lead and that’s a no no
Crankyeye ALT
Crankyeye ALT 5 days ago
@Random Dude so then he’s better then lebron?
Crankyeye ALT
Crankyeye ALT 5 days ago
@Ade ToVAR's Sugar Daddy facts
Gavin Noel
Gavin Noel 6 days ago
Ade bro that’s Paul George wrong Pearson their last bro kawhi is anything but a clown!
salvi mark
salvi mark 6 days ago
Watching from Canada Pinoy love basketball
Uzair Rahman
Uzair Rahman 6 days ago
Quentin Coberley
Quentin Coberley 6 days ago
Kawhi deserves more recognition smh. Averaging career high in assist and is in the 50/40/90 club right now.
Tyler Travis
Tyler Travis 8 hours ago
@A NBA fan you good do i need to refer to the raptors 76er series but that aint the think kwahi been in big moments and a better scorer and defender
Ball Till Fall
Ball Till Fall 5 days ago
I just posted a new video... If you have a second, go show a small USpostsr some love !!
Edgar Coronel
Edgar Coronel 6 days ago
@Quentin Coberley just like State Farm surprisingly great rates
MrGenexxx 6 days ago
@Marcelo cmon the KLAWN🤡? ahahaha it's funny!
Marcelo 6 days ago
@MrGenexxx it really wasn't
Goooal 20
Goooal 20 6 days ago
2nd to comment
Ben Littlefield
Ben Littlefield 6 days ago
Rip Anthony Davis 😭
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 days ago
@Chase Davis idk i thought he was talking about the fact that AD didn't get the starting spot.
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 3 days ago
@Random Dude what?
Ben C
Ben C 6 days ago
Dudes injured
Random Dude
Random Dude 6 days ago
why? kawhi deserves it by a mile
Kendrick K.c
Kendrick K.c 6 days ago
I know right
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 6 days ago
Best Player in the League not even a question
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 4 days ago
@MrApe The1st they did win but D Mitchell outperformed Kawhi! And I wasn't very impressed by Paul George! And I'd like to inform you that the jazz have actually beaten the clippers 3 times! One without their stars but the other two had all of the clippers players! The preseason does not matter but record holds that the jazz blew out the clippers in the preseason! And the game last night was close! The difference is that the jazz's wins have been more impressive than the clippers! The point differential being my main reasoning for saying so!
MrApe The1st
MrApe The1st 4 days ago
@Chase Davis ay I told u, kawhi and pg beat the jazz,ik it’s 2-1 but 1 was without their star players so technically 1-1 regarding playoffs,if everyone’s healthy
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 5 days ago
@Lemorea Mays its very debatable! Anything in sports is debatable! I'm done arguing with everyone about this! Watch where he ends his season off! I promise you, it's not as an nba champion! Also there are more than 10 players in the NBA That require two defenders to guard! So that doesn't mean Kawhi is guaranteed to be top 10 😂
Lemorea Mays
Lemorea Mays 5 days ago
@Chase Davis Bro anytime a team has to throw 2-3 defenders at you to stop you is a TOP 10 player no question. If you want to say he's not the best, that's debatable, I think he is the best. However if you tell me LeBron, KD, maybe even Joel Embiid with the way he playing right now I would understand your position. Everybody else is a NO for me and it's not debatable
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 5 days ago
@Hamza Mohamed also yes the media does do that
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