Jamal Murray Drops A Regular Season CAREER-HIGH 50 Points On 21-25 Shooting‼

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6 days ago

Jamal Murray drops a regular season CAREER-HIGH 50 points on 21-25 shooting to guide Nuggets‼
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Ramon Bustillo
Ramon Bustillo Day ago
Let's remember guys this dude ain't in the all star game this season
Mango Bums
Mango Bums 2 days ago
These highlights are cool but nothing beats curry highlights
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 2 days ago
The offense is so catered to Jokic, that Murray, one of the better scorers of all time is being asked not to play his game and be in the background. As well as other elite 20+ per game scorers in Porter Jr, Barton and Harris. Even Morris and Dozier are taking backseats. Bol Bol just needs an opportunity elsewhere. If Kobe was on this team, he'd obviously assert himself as thee star but, his offense would be compared to Jokic in a similar manner regarding who should have the ball
john smith
john smith 2 days ago
He has those moments where he just completely goes the fuck off.... the man is so dangerous at times
icyhot98 3 days ago
Everybody talking about is field goals. But nobody is talking about how most of his shots didnt even touch rim
Band Camp
Band Camp 3 days ago
James Harden Like: 👁👄👁
Verbal Kint
Verbal Kint 3 days ago
Mans pulled from the hash with 19 left on the shot clock he was in God mode
bs will
bs will 3 days ago
No wonder lol. Cleveland have a shitty defense
Cameron Luerssen
Cameron Luerssen Day ago
Then why hasn't anyone else ever done this? Hmmmm? Stupid casual
bs will
bs will 3 days ago
No wonder lol. Cleveland have a shitty defense
ehye ahhs-teeg
ehye ahhs-teeg 3 days ago
accidentally enabled the cheat mode option
Abdulabad Kumbati
Abdulabad Kumbati 3 days ago
50 points 0 free throws. Welcome to the no contact era of NBA
Cameron Luerssen
Cameron Luerssen 3 days ago
You are a moron
debenict sambrano
debenict sambrano 4 days ago
murray.. was a beast..
thePR3TEND3R 4 days ago
Nowadays People are giving 50 points like crazy
Kain Scampton
Kain Scampton 4 days ago
Must've been the best head he's ever had
K 4 days ago
needs to be an all star
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu 4 days ago
The GawGawk revived him
Ascend BigE [BigE1293]
Ascend BigE [BigE1293] 4 days ago
100% TS...INSANE
Amer Corpuz
Amer Corpuz 4 days ago
43_German Justiniano
43_German Justiniano 4 days ago
Ya quiero verlo mñna defendiendo a trae young
mrloyal gains
mrloyal gains 4 days ago
They call him glitch for a reason
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 4 days ago
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝
BILLY DA KID 4 days ago
erick brown
erick brown 4 days ago
So underrated
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 4 days ago
Yo when he plays like this he’s one of the most entertaining dudes in the league. Love seeing that smoothness from the playoffs back
rafikz77 4 days ago
Jamal Murray would have averaged 50 ppg on 85% shooting if he played in the 90s
StarlitShadows 4 days ago
Impressive game, hope he keeps it up. Dude is amazing when he plays well
NoAh 4 days ago
He made it looks so easy as well.
Shiv Shokeen
Shiv Shokeen 4 days ago
Bubble Jamal is back
ImCerius 4 days ago
I can't seem to pick my lower jaw off the floor!!! Somebody help!!!😮
ToaKoPouvalu 4 days ago
Only 50??? That’s cute. I’m the first one to have 0 points in 0 minutes .
Emilio Pérez
Emilio Pérez 4 days ago
Bruh the cavs defense could not guard him, at all
Aj Inc.
Aj Inc. 4 days ago
If bubble Murray is back then Murray and Jokic are a top 3 duo in the league easy
Wally Thompson
Wally Thompson 4 days ago
Sounds so surreal
nick steele
nick steele 4 days ago
Buddy ain’t hit rim whole game
KaykayGaming 4 days ago
what a legend
harwell teves
harwell teves 4 days ago
My new young first 5...jamal Murray,Ja Morant,Williamson,Luka,Lamelo...
Dencio Bondoc
Dencio Bondoc 4 days ago
1st time Allstar
Pau Carvalho
Pau Carvalho 4 days ago
James Harden won't be able to do this
Kevin Sellers
Kevin Sellers 4 days ago
Minutes Played: Jokic - 1006(ranked 8), Lebron - 1039(ranked 5) Player Efficiency Rating: Jokic - 31.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 24.4(ranked 14) True Shooting%: Jokic - .656(ranked 11), Lebron - .601(ranked 64) Offensive Rebound%: Jokic - 9.3(ranked 22), Lebron - 1.9(ranked 148) Deffensive Rebound%: Jokic - 25.9(ranked 15), Lebron - 23.9(ranked 23) Total Rebound%: Jokic - 17.5(ranked 17), Lebron - 13.2(ranked 38) Assist%: Jokic - 40.6(ranked 6), Lebron - 38.7(ranked 8) Steals%: Jokic - 2.2(ranked 20), Lebron - 1.4(ranked 103) Block%: Jokic - 1.7(ranked 71), Lebron - 1.2(ranked 107) Turnover%: Jokic - 14.1(ranked 142), Lebron - 14.7(ranked 156) Usage%: Jokic - 29.4(ranked 22), Lebron - 31.7(ranked 8) Offensive Win Shares: Jokic - 4.9(ranked 1), Lebron - 2.4(ranked 13) Defensive Win Shares: Jokic - 1.4(ranked 9), Lebron - 1.9(ranked 2) Total Win Shares: Jokic - 6.3(ranked 1), Lebron - 4.3(ranked 5) Win Shares/48: Jokic - .300(ranked 1), Lebron - 1.99(ranked 17) Offensive Box +/-: Jokic - 9.1(ranked 1), Lebron - 5.9(ranked 8) Defensive Box +/-: Jokic - 2.3(ranked 4), Lebron - 1.3(ranked 19) Total Box +/-: Jokic - 11.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 7.3(ranked 5) VORP: Jokic - 3.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 2.4(ranked 4) Total PPG: Jokic - 27.4(ranked 8), Lebron - 25.9(ranked 12) Total APG: Jokic - 8.6(ranked 5), Lebron - 7.9(ranked 9) Total RPG: Jokic - 11.1(ranked 8), Lebron - 8.2(ranked 23) Total SPG: Jokic - 1.6(ranked 9), Lebron - 1.0(ranked 66) Total BPG: Jokic - 0.6(ranked 71), Lebron - 0.5(ranked 93) Total TOPG: Jokic - 3.4(ranked 264), Lebron - 3.7(ranked 270) Double Doubles: Jokic - 25(ranked 1), Lebron - 13(ranked 16) Triple Doubles: Jokic - 6(ranked 3), Lebron - 3(ranked 6) FG%: Jokic - 57.0(ranked 13), Lebron - 50.8(ranked 35) 3pt%: Jokic - 40.2(ranked 52), Lebron - 37.2(ranked 104) FT%: Jokic - 87.1(ranked 27), Lebron - 70.4(ranked 101) I want someone to tell me why Lebron is in the MVP Convo and Jokic is not!!! Jokic is Hands down DOMINATING the NBA right NOW!
Genetic Freak
Genetic Freak 4 days ago
Yes Jamal be selfish! You're a scorer goddammit!!
Zhizu susunya
Zhizu susunya 4 days ago
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MT TheGreat
MT TheGreat 4 days ago
Mal been a problem stop that “bubble Murray” bs real basketball fans know he a factor and he only 23
Hooper 4 days ago
Kendrick Perkins woke him up !!!!!
ANKUR SINGH 4 days ago
This is crazy... Jamal Murray did that with a lot of accuracy 🙏🙏
one two
one two 4 days ago
50 with no free throws? That's like a Klay Thompson style record
CSN 4 days ago
And his shooting percentage too😳😳
Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 4 days ago
Jamal was like you want popcorn 🍿 here get some.
Ace Tulawie
Ace Tulawie 4 days ago
This record will stand forever.
Tobias Santiago
Tobias Santiago 4 days ago
That’s why Jamal is one of my favorite players cause he showed us what he could do in the bubble last year
Jovan SS
Jovan SS 4 days ago
Anyone notice he got rolling with some mid range and layups before he started bombing 3s 👀👀
Shofiqul Alom
Shofiqul Alom 4 days ago
@2:47 thats the new NBA for ya. 5 v 1 fast break shoot the 3
DMN DMN 4 days ago
So why didn't Cleveland box 1 him like they did Stephen Curry. Love Murray about time he showing out
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver 4 days ago
Scored a 50 piece without a free throw. That's insane
Tony Wang
Tony Wang 4 days ago
I love his game man. So much potential if he can stay consistent
Dave Lim
Dave Lim 4 days ago
Javale dont know what he is playing
MT NENO 4 days ago
I wish Murray played like this all the time . He could be one of the top 5 shooters in the game if he did
John Calang
John Calang 4 days ago
He should accept “The Bow” nickname
vincent wilson
vincent wilson 4 days ago
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Geoff Hunter
Geoff Hunter 5 days ago
No disrespect to jesus Christ of Nazareth But, Jesus Christ! Stra8 Jordan!
savemelofi 5 days ago
Bout time he helped jokic
Keir Skipper
Keir Skipper 5 days ago
He could b that dude
GoodPrince 5 days ago
2:57 Jokic boxing out his teammate LMAO
MassiveAttackFan 4 days ago
That shit was hilarious.
ABDULLAHI ABDI x-b 5 days ago
that thing is he is inconsistent but i like it when he turns up
Cameron Luerssen
Cameron Luerssen 5 days ago
Whatever you say stupid casual, your a waste of life that gets your basketball opinion on Twitter 🤦‍♂️
Sergio Fabrietti
Sergio Fabrietti 5 days ago
84% from the field. Jeez
jack frost
jack frost 5 days ago
the opposite of a james harden 50 piece
The Guy Who Got Socks For Christmas
The Guy Who Got Socks For Christmas 5 days ago
2k still dropped his rating
Ashley Conver
Ashley Conver 5 days ago
Sexton gets ball taken and is to cool to give effort to block or foul
K-Mart 5 days ago
Better Call Jamal 📞
Juan-Carlos Gomez
Juan-Carlos Gomez 5 days ago
Isaac Guan
Isaac Guan 5 days ago
she came back for the gawk gawk 3000
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko 5 days ago
Darius 5 days ago
what happened to the Cavs top five defensive rating
Karl with a C
Karl with a C 5 days ago
Incredible game from Murray
Esra Karayazıcı
Esra Karayazıcı 5 days ago
Jamal Murray, deserves to be in the All-Star.
Junior Alas
Junior Alas 5 days ago
Jamay Murray all star 🌟
VaRa 5 days ago
2:56 Joker is box outing his own teammate 😅
slavko milovic
slavko milovic 5 days ago
Jokic and myray best players ...go Denver
Leland Judsyn
Leland Judsyn 5 days ago
Warren Lavila
Warren Lavila 5 days ago
Yan ang gusto ko sayo murry..gayahin mo si kobe brayant..para idol nadin kta.
BENZON ANIME TV 5 days ago
Terrific 50 points from Murray without free throw made. Hope to see you in all star game.
Not Sus
Not Sus 4 days ago
Maybe next season, but this season the last 3 spots for guards are for sure going to be Dame, Mitchell and maybe Booker
CSN 4 days ago
Not even a free throw attempted
apostolidis anastasios
apostolidis anastasios 5 days ago
Super human
pp 5 days ago
Jamal curry
RekYhu -
RekYhu - 5 days ago
James harden: if I tried I could do that🙄
This name doesn’t match profile picture
This name doesn’t match profile picture 5 days ago
Murray please keep it up my boy nugs need you
Robert Quint
Robert Quint 5 days ago
50 on 25 shots, 0 free throws. WTactualF
Taco Man
Taco Man 5 days ago
I would love to see Jamal Murray and Devin Booker on the same team
Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors 5 days ago
21 of 25 shooting and 8 of 10 on threes? The shots weren't easy at all. Absolutely great performance by Murray tonight
Abdu Ugas
Abdu Ugas 5 days ago
There’s no stopping Jamal Murray when he’s felling it.
Chris Nielson
Chris Nielson 5 days ago
It's a good day when you got Jamal and Joel in your fantasy team
diez Quinn
diez Quinn 5 days ago
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments 5 days ago
He needs to start in the All-Star Game
Lloyd Porcincula
Lloyd Porcincula 5 days ago
what shoes he wearing?
Samuel 5 days ago
Tbh id rather have murray go 25 ppg consistently than him having scoring outbursts like this then scoring 15 points the next game 😆
Cameron Luerssen
Cameron Luerssen 5 days ago
I found the Twitter fan 🤦‍♂️ have you ever actually watched a basketball game casual? USposts clips don't count...
King Wong
King Wong 5 days ago
Holysh*t! Did you see that dance? He is literally having fun out there! 2:50
Oinky YT
Oinky YT 5 days ago
Reminds me of tmacs game in orlando
JeiVii 5 days ago
That is amazing performance !
Hisham Bula
Hisham Bula 5 days ago
Steph curry 2.0 with athletic ability
Master Makoy
Master Makoy 5 days ago
James harden left the chat
Tae Ka
Tae Ka 5 days ago
He should be an All Star
Mark Himself
Mark Himself 5 days ago
All-star caliber player with superstar caliber potential.
David Castro
David Castro 5 days ago
Having Jamal and porter could be deadly and joker just feeding them and doing light work ..3 headed monster
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