Best Plays From All-Star Starter Stephen Curry| 2020-21 NBA Season

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7 days ago

Stephen Curry is making his 7th #NBAAllStar appearance. Drafted as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft out of Davidson, Steph is a 3x NBA champion and 2x #KiaMVP. This season, he’s averaging 30.0 PPG, 5.3 RPG and 6.0 APG for the Golden State Warriors.
All of All-Star in One Night on March 7!
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🌟8:00 PM ET: 70th NBA All-Star Game
🌟Halftime: #ATTSlamDunk
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I have memes
I have memes 39 minutes ago
Imagine this duo, LBJ x Steph.
DeeJae 120
DeeJae 120 Hour ago
Stephen curry with real life aimbot
Lil c da savage
Lil c da savage 2 hours ago
1:44 Curry: Oh, I got the foul? Well might as well go for the and 1. Commentators: Oh my goodness, he made that?
Mark Larkin Noquiao
Mark Larkin Noquiao 2 hours ago
Lebron will pick curry then kd will be irving for first pick for sure.
MKpwn 2 hours ago
Gotta love the reactions on some players looking at the shot like "wtf I'm supposed to do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " like Lbj's shrug at 8:50
Emircan Kara
Emircan Kara 2 hours ago
why the videos not HD? C'mon bro u r the NBA !
Vitor Alcantara
Vitor Alcantara 2 hours ago
Curry MVP
莆田潮牌工廠店 3 hours ago
Yuri_ drawingflow
Yuri_ drawingflow 3 hours ago
Curry has the most views among 10 all star players.😲 I mean it’s way too many views compared to others. Even rest of 9 players combined views are not even close to 😂 True Super Star Steph💫 And shup up ESPN, Fox that try to make LBJ as the face of NBA.But people know what they want😏
Ramon Ribeiro
Ramon Ribeiro 3 hours ago
sunny junior
sunny junior 5 hours ago
The funny thing is that curry is the only starter whose video has 500k viewers
Edcel Sumatra
Edcel Sumatra 5 hours ago
Mahal na mahal si Steph ng mga kakampi nya,pansinin nyo tuwing natutumba sya apat or halos lahat lalapit sa kanya para lng kmustahin or itayo sya,Good Team Chemistry!
Jay From Eastside
Jay From Eastside 7 hours ago
Nigga playing better then his 2016 campaign * chuckles *
BugBear Tv
BugBear Tv 7 hours ago
Steph 3s and finishes in the rim is so fkin smooth he makes it looks so easy, so fun to watch, he can off ball and score, he can iso and score, he can finish at the rim, he can pass, he can do that all in elite leveel his defense is also average or above average tbh its underated. lebron has the athletic ability but steph he's silky smooth its just satisfying to watch
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 8 hours ago
Why did you not show the 3 over AD? lol.
Don't choke On your aspirations director
Don't choke On your aspirations director 10 hours ago
Curry is curry sliding in this bitch
Abdul Meykal
Abdul Meykal 10 hours ago
Steph Curry is without a doubt my favourite player ever. There's never been anything like him
PLPLPL 12 hours ago
Top 5 all time: 1. Steph 2. Wilt 3. MJ 4. Lebron 5. Kobe/Shaq (tie). 10 years from now this will be obvious to everyone but I'm from the future....
PLPLPL 12 hours ago
Curry 495k views vs Lebron 170K, no one else is close. Face of the league is Steph Curry, stop acting otherwise. HE IS BETTER.
Gavin Vane
Gavin Vane 12 hours ago
Look at curry man so inspirational
for download
for download 12 hours ago
Curry carrying the GSW without Klay, or, Lebron carrying the Lakers without AD. I think we already knew who is a better player base on what's happening for this 2 teams base on their results from previous games :)
Mr. 8ut
Mr. 8ut 13 hours ago❤️
Khalil Muslimani
Khalil Muslimani 13 hours ago
lebron to GSW lets go
Bambino 13 hours ago
face of the NBA
Rowena Mondero
Rowena Mondero 13 hours ago
Stephen Curry
momoclo-Kanakoo 14 hours ago
ItzLaurens 14 hours ago
steph curry very nice :)
FIEND Habtamu
FIEND Habtamu 14 hours ago
Apple_boy Bd
Apple_boy Bd 14 hours ago
I don’t see how he cannot win MVP
Jaime Productions
Jaime Productions 14 hours ago
Melina Chaca
Melina Chaca 15 hours ago
Nano Batallanes
Nano Batallanes 15 hours ago
Skip Person
Skip Person 15 hours ago
oh yea, that night Steph unleashed his cornrows (took 'em out, went off!)...
Skip Person
Skip Person 15 hours ago
Barkley 'He's a Keeper' LOL
Skip Person
Skip Person 15 hours ago
1) so far, best shooter of all time 2) amazing work ethic that has allowed him to build PointGod skills 3) hardly gets calls while getting mauled all the time, Karl Malone and MJ got more calls even during the 'handchecks are OK' 90s....
Revive 15 hours ago
I bet the warriors will finish the 5 or 6 seed in the end of the season people are going to say this sounds that’s bad but for just curry carrying the warriors with no Klay he is so inspirational
Ransley Tshowa
Ransley Tshowa 16 hours ago
Loook at curryyh mannnnn so INSPARATIONAl
Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ 16 hours ago
As always ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀs ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴀ #sᴛᴇᴘʜᴄᴜʀʀʏ❤️
TBC Jesusisking
TBC Jesusisking 18 hours ago
look at curry man so inspirational nice
Yunus Emre
Yunus Emre 19 hours ago
Frame Counting
Frame Counting 19 hours ago
The day Steph retires will be a very sad day for basketball fans.
Grace Person
Grace Person 19 hours ago
Greatest of time idc
Rosalie De guzman
Rosalie De guzman 20 hours ago
I love to see lebron and curry on one team. It will become part of history❤️❤️
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson 20 hours ago
People gon forgot how good curry was and he was so close to becoming all star captain but they picked kd instead of him
Kyle albert perez
Kyle albert perez 21 hour ago
Lebron will teamed up with curry for the farewell Run let's say west teams.
Christian Wibowo
Christian Wibowo 21 hour ago
best shooter, dribble, finish at the rim, float, pass, without superior size and athleticism, steph is the most skilled basketball ever to play the game
Jacques Borja
Jacques Borja 21 hour ago
Curry's video has the most views
Jobert jr Gallentes
Jobert jr Gallentes 22 hours ago
Unsubscribe all Filipino jc desirve to be all-star
Gurvinder Ghotra
Gurvinder Ghotra 22 hours ago
Rowane Mendoza
Rowane Mendoza 22 hours ago
Steph doing all these things for the Dubs, coming back from an injury, lifting the "G-league" Warriors from a previous 15-win season last year. If the Warriors make it to the playoffs, make this guy a MVP.
hi 22 hours ago
imagine if someone made a compilation of EVERY SINGLE Steph Curry three pointer in his career.....
Tim Stegbauer
Tim Stegbauer 23 hours ago
Phet Tumbling
Phet Tumbling 23 hours ago
2:12 got the contact but no foul? 🙄
Thaddeus Ice Pallasigui
Thaddeus Ice Pallasigui Day ago
Aye let s go!!!!!!!! Steph
Diego Luis Dizon
Diego Luis Dizon Day ago
Bron needs to pick him as a 1st pick
Kurt Miranda
Kurt Miranda Day ago
I don't care what other might say but the bottom line is, Steph's the best shooter this league has ever seen, and his hesitation move is a KILLER!
Marge Sheer
Marge Sheer Day ago
The elastic heaven comparatively bubble because rock consecutively form like a faint fair fireplace. squealing, fluffy age
Dee double u
Dee double u Day ago
Normally I would never put my money against Steph curry but I feel like his new team he's with now won't carry him to another championship .. but who knows we will see .. when it was Klay, Durant, igodola curry and green it was a dynamic squad even with Magee ..I had my money on them all the way ..that was championship material
SC Day ago
such magician is born once in generation
shai gilgeous alexander
shai gilgeous alexander Day ago
Be ready steph and lbj fans let's goooo for an all star duo battles Steph and Lbj vs Kd and the big head Kyrie
Ariel Mateo
Ariel Mateo Day ago
Lok Ming Chung
Lok Ming Chung Day ago
Facundo Russo
Facundo Russo Day ago
#CurryMVP 🔥👌
Air Plane
Air Plane Day ago
Only half way though the vid and thought it was career highlights 😳
Justyna Plu
Justyna Plu Day ago
He will be the next MVP...
Nataliya Ivanuh
Nataliya Ivanuh Day ago
The reminiscent vest taxonomically whistle because violet pharmacokinetically borrow alongside a useful mexico. dull, shut speedboat
Atish Bhalerao
Atish Bhalerao Day ago
petition for flight to react to this
Dendwi Day ago
traveling at 2:20?
SepSepHooray GameplayTV
SepSepHooray GameplayTV Day ago
is this the noobs and haters saying that overrated? weak and unatheletic who knows just to throw 3pointers? Man if this man is weak small how come he is always been triple team and double team most of the time and was picked up whole court hahahahahahaha. Damn
Master Chug Chug
Master Chug Chug Day ago
In 8:36 there was one guy wide open on the very right, but steph didn't pass to him
Noland Pulido
Noland Pulido Day ago
He still an elite player
malac pavić
malac pavić Day ago
ISO King
ISO King Day ago
Man did a whole 2k animation
Ched Ian Gresola
Ched Ian Gresola Day ago
Curry sucks on braids
tellthetruthg Day ago
If he’s not the most fun dude in NBA to watch I bet NBA players will say he’s the finest be on a team with
He looks young
Meme Anekwe
Meme Anekwe Day ago
JESUS CHRIST is the way the truth and the life.Listen to him for he is the one who God set his seal apon
Randy Cuizon
Randy Cuizon Day ago
The most viewed All Star Starter of this Year # 30 the most exciting, entertaining, player to watch in the NBA right now. The one and only Steph Curry.💪💪💪💪MVP
bharbie. shaniyaaa
bharbie. shaniyaaa Day ago
Saint Aubyn TFG
Saint Aubyn TFG Day ago
10:45 he’s better than 2015/16. The head shake is just so nasty 😤
Makane Sissoko
Makane Sissoko Day ago
the fatal shooter⚡
Tobe Nwabudike
Tobe Nwabudike Day ago
Legoat Stephen Curry
Legoat Stephen Curry Day ago
T-Lo Fernandez
T-Lo Fernandez Day ago
Curry got more likes than Lebron all over USposts😂😂💯‼️
Jereboy William
Jereboy William Day ago
13:20 James Harden can have the double step-back. Curry got the double side-step.
Prince Boi
Prince Boi Day ago
Look at curry man
Prince Eugenio
Prince Eugenio Day ago
Lebron and Steph teaming up will be history
Manuel Ayon
Manuel Ayon Day ago
How come the nba did not let the captains pick there teammates like last year
Khoa khoa
Khoa khoa Day ago
Curry still hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Arwin Vivo Ison
Arwin Vivo Ison Day ago
Curry Deserve this ❤️
Matthew Laube
Matthew Laube Day ago
Champ Day ago
IDk why ppl compare LeBron with Steph , I mean they play in different positions where each of these require a different set of skills
Jonelyn Solamin
Jonelyn Solamin Day ago
We love you Steph
Caspar Kuhmünch
Caspar Kuhmünch Day ago
Kyrie is way better
Zayd Hussain
Zayd Hussain 2 days ago
08:31 someone check on the commentator he mustve sniffed something
๖ۣۜRɐndy 2 days ago
For sure, the heat leave curry with no double team on the last shot and look what happened 😂
Lorenzo Calonia
Lorenzo Calonia 2 days ago
Curry one of my favorite player in NBA♥️
AJ Cantago
AJ Cantago 2 days ago
If kd picks kyrie, then lebron need to pick Steph IMHO
nhat vo
nhat vo 2 days ago
MVP mode is so fun to watch 🔥🔥🔥
the garbage man
the garbage man 2 days ago
why the fuck does steph have more views than lebron's all star video
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