Joel Embiid Drops First Career 50-PT Game!

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6 days ago

Joel Embiid drops his first career 50-PT game to power 76ers to W!
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Slimhorse 8 hours ago
00:55 niiiice
אוהד ביטון
אוהד ביטון 21 hour ago
Its unfair!
peter83810 Day ago
Why does it look so easy? It is look an old man in slow mo playing against a bunch of kids. Everyone just seem to bounce off him and let him do whatever.
Kristian Gibbings
Kristian Gibbings Day ago
Joel EmBeast!
Jonah Dockery
Jonah Dockery Day ago
"You bitch!" 3:34
Roger Lee
Roger Lee 2 days ago
no one gets doubled in the league anywhere near as much as joel does 🤦
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen 2 days ago
Cool !! 50Th
Fit Potato
Fit Potato 2 days ago
Try to do that against the Raptors. Fraud.
Roger Toledano
Roger Toledano 2 days ago
Those beautiful spins. Hakeem is proud!
토토 2 days ago
Embid is the best center in the leage. he is as good as to remind us of 90s great centers that we been missing.
evan griffith
evan griffith 2 days ago
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Pro fessional
Pro fessional 3 days ago
embid to be mvp?
Gameplay Display
Gameplay Display 3 days ago
03:22 come on is that even a hand in face? defender didnt even try 🤣
Diz 3 days ago
facts treating him like hes fuckin shaq lmaoo raps def taught him a lil lesson makin him go 6/20
Cellytyree 3 days ago
Lowkey he has the beat pumpfake in the league
Mik K
Mik K 3 days ago
YvngGoat 3 days ago
All this just to lose to the Nets in the playoffs
Marcus Petree
Marcus Petree 3 days ago
Been saying this dude is a problem...give me him over giannis
Duke English
Duke English 3 days ago
Joel ,KD or lebron taking mvp this year
I Can’t Think Of A Username
I Can’t Think Of A Username 3 days ago
AMADOU BALDE 3 days ago
This is just amazing because I remember playing 2k16 and always clowning the 76ers and now there the top seed in the east.I’m excited to see what this young team can do.
pejta24 3 days ago
Jokic is better
Calvin Parker
Calvin Parker 3 days ago
Fanaye Tsegaselassie
Fanaye Tsegaselassie 3 days ago
I think Embiid is gonna win Mvp this guy is a beast
Aaron Daneils
Aaron Daneils 3 days ago
I swear I got like 30 assists with this dude yesterday in my career and he scored the same amount 😂 happy for him
Joseph Luna
Joseph Luna 3 days ago
This is the dominance embid was capable of
BoomTeee Gaming
BoomTeee Gaming 4 days ago
He’s finally the problem I always thought he could be...the mid range game is nasty
A B 4 days ago
He is an unbelievable player...when he plays. He's missed 6 games this year with 'back tightness' or 'knee soreness'. He'll never be one of the greats.
Edgar Valdis Daspalisviano
Edgar Valdis Daspalisviano 4 days ago
Bro the center are dominating the league Joel embiid and Jokic Its amazing
Marvin TV
Marvin TV 4 days ago
Welcome to the 50 point club joel
Francis Santos
Francis Santos 4 days ago
Ajay Bhaskar Reddy
Ajay Bhaskar Reddy 4 days ago
Joel embiid "Trust the mid-range"❤️
jeffery0820 4 days ago
Dante Salamante
Dante Salamante 4 days ago
Umm to stop him they need Ten Bulls
K Jo
K Jo 4 days ago
This was literally child abuse
Mike Arsen
Mike Arsen 4 days ago
Lets hope he doesn't get injured
Thurl Sixers Fan
Thurl Sixers Fan 4 days ago
Easily front runner for MVP. Can’t even argue at this point.
G N 4 days ago
Wendell Carter will never forget this game
Marcus John
Marcus John 4 days ago
Prime Shaq would have murdered this NBA LOL
Best Boss
Best Boss 4 days ago
If Embiid decides to lose weight like Jokic, he become even better I think
LEO X 4 days ago
NBA players love laying on their back.
Traypeats 4 days ago
Homeboy gotta lose some weight
mike theud
mike theud 4 days ago
He's the MVP this year NOCAP Lebron i respec your game but come on Embiid is ridiculous this year. coming from a Bucks fan
Young wipper Snapper
Young wipper Snapper 4 days ago
3:34 announcer getting a little aggressive there 😂😂
ItsJustBxbby 4 days ago
seeing centers get the respect they deserve is refreshing
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 4 days ago
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝
Woodo YT
Woodo YT 4 days ago
Jokic and embiid are saving the center position. Both r insane
Depressed EaglesFan
Depressed EaglesFan 4 days ago
I have Murray and Embiid on my fantasy 😏
Linzola Turner
Linzola Turner 4 days ago
Wait til they finally give Zach his Scottie, it’s over😈
Mike Sharp
Mike Sharp 4 days ago
Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid 4 days ago
I'm just built different lol
3 Syllables
3 Syllables 4 days ago
i wont argue with you if you think the joker is the best center in the league, but for me Embiid is.
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 4 days ago
It’s looks like an 8th grader playing against 5th graders.
Chill YoungApex
Chill YoungApex 4 days ago
He Is the mvp
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp 4 days ago
Mans swapped that 20 piece and a shake for a 50 piece like cake 🍰😂
Andres Saenz
Andres Saenz 4 days ago
Hey Tones
Hey Tones 4 days ago
Conner isn't a center. Do that on a real center. Is this conner frist year?
The southman
The southman 4 days ago
Ma ..he is really slow..
Tepete 4 days ago
Apparently he can repeat in next games...
Han Solo Dolo
Han Solo Dolo 4 days ago
Shaq would average 50 in this league
Pau Carvalho
Pau Carvalho 4 days ago
everybody this season droppin' 50
S. Shephard
S. Shephard 4 days ago
this was one of the most impressive performances ive ever seen
Andy Zheng
Andy Zheng 4 days ago
Seriously, these players need to chill I have no idea what made you guys so good during the offseason, why does it seem like dropping 40+ is casual now. Is it because of the defense of the league is worse on general?
Kevin Sellers
Kevin Sellers 4 days ago
Minutes Played: Jokic - 1006(ranked 8), Lebron - 1039(ranked 5) Player Efficiency Rating: Jokic - 31.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 24.4(ranked 14) True Shooting%: Jokic - .656(ranked 11), Lebron - .601(ranked 64) Offensive Rebound%: Jokic - 9.3(ranked 22), Lebron - 1.9(ranked 148) Deffensive Rebound%: Jokic - 25.9(ranked 15), Lebron - 23.9(ranked 23) Total Rebound%: Jokic - 17.5(ranked 17), Lebron - 13.2(ranked 38) Assist%: Jokic - 40.6(ranked 6), Lebron - 38.7(ranked 8) Steals%: Jokic - 2.2(ranked 20), Lebron - 1.4(ranked 103) Block%: Jokic - 1.7(ranked 71), Lebron - 1.2(ranked 107) Turnover%: Jokic - 14.1(ranked 142), Lebron - 14.7(ranked 156) Usage%: Jokic - 29.4(ranked 22), Lebron - 31.7(ranked 8) Offensive Win Shares: Jokic - 4.9(ranked 1), Lebron - 2.4(ranked 13) Defensive Win Shares: Jokic - 1.4(ranked 9), Lebron - 1.9(ranked 2) Total Win Shares: Jokic - 6.3(ranked 1), Lebron - 4.3(ranked 5) Win Shares/48: Jokic - .300(ranked 1), Lebron - 1.99(ranked 17) Offensive Box +/-: Jokic - 9.1(ranked 1), Lebron - 5.9(ranked 8) Defensive Box +/-: Jokic - 2.3(ranked 4), Lebron - 1.3(ranked 19) Total Box +/-: Jokic - 11.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 7.3(ranked 5) VORP: Jokic - 3.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 2.4(ranked 4) Total PPG: Jokic - 27.4(ranked 8), Lebron - 25.9(ranked 12) Total APG: Jokic - 8.6(ranked 5), Lebron - 7.9(ranked 9) Total RPG: Jokic - 11.1(ranked 8), Lebron - 8.2(ranked 23) Total SPG: Jokic - 1.6(ranked 9), Lebron - 1.0(ranked 66) Total BPG: Jokic - 0.6(ranked 71), Lebron - 0.5(ranked 93) Total TOPG: Jokic - 3.4(ranked 264), Lebron - 3.7(ranked 270) Double Doubles: Jokic - 25(ranked 1), Lebron - 13(ranked 16) Triple Doubles: Jokic - 6(ranked 3), Lebron - 3(ranked 6) FG%: Jokic - 57.0(ranked 13), Lebron - 50.8(ranked 35) 3pt%: Jokic - 40.2(ranked 52), Lebron - 37.2(ranked 104) FT%: Jokic - 87.1(ranked 27), Lebron - 70.4(ranked 101) I want someone to tell me why Lebron is in the MVP Convo and Jokic is not!!! Jokic is Hands down DOMINATING the NBA right NOW!
Jeez .b
Jeez .b 4 days ago
You spamming this bullshit everywhere. Shut dafuq up
Alexei Kuznetsov
Alexei Kuznetsov 4 days ago
dat boi scurry
Evan Hummel
Evan Hummel 4 days ago
If this man doesn’t win MVP, there is something seriously wrong with the NBA
mago97615 4 days ago
Simon Leblond
Simon Leblond 4 days ago
His teammates don’t seem to like him that much. No reaction from them after that dagger fade away
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 4 days ago
Huh? They love him. I'm a Sixer fan. So i definitely know they love him from the games I've watched.
Simon Leblond
Simon Leblond 4 days ago
Is it just me or his teammates are not cheering him on at all? Literally no reaction from the bench on that dagger fade away. If it was LeBron having that game things would be different in that respect for sure. Seems like there’s a chemistry issue on the best team in the east
Sahil Warsariya
Sahil Warsariya 4 days ago
Why is he not being doubled??? I’d rather have Tobias Harris shooting than embiid. And when they double him, they need to do it right. Don’t half ass the double teams
rommel orlando martinez ruiz
rommel orlando martinez ruiz 4 days ago
21 Salbahe
21 Salbahe 4 days ago
Embiid was better over giannis because he can shoot and also got skill like a guard I wish he will be become mvp in this season
AAKASH V 4 days ago
I think Danny green winning rings with teams he gets traded to, will continue this season😂
Mickey Johnson
Mickey Johnson 4 days ago
if a team doesnt have a dpoy caliber center they are getting bodied by embiid
JUST PHYSICS 4 days ago
Lawrence 88
Lawrence 88 4 days ago
Embiid is what you get when you combine Shaq and Kobe 🙂
Luh Semi
Luh Semi 4 days ago
This is what Ben Simmons should have been🤷🏽‍♂️💯
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 4 days ago
Ben had 42 the other day on Rudy Gobert
YoungUPsetZ 4 days ago
How can you guard a 7 footer who has amazing feetwork, great post move, and can shoot?
Bitcoin Ethereum
Bitcoin Ethereum 4 days ago
Love how he took Barkley & SHaq's advice and stopped wasting his time shooting 3s, just dominate they ass all day in the paint. Let Curry shoot the 3s.
Martin Azcurra
Martin Azcurra 4 days ago
50 points, 17 rebounds, 5 Assists and 4 blocks in 35 minutes.... 🤯🤯🤯
The2k GOAT
The2k GOAT 4 days ago
At first i was thinking how was he in the race for mvp. Im starting to see why. I feel like its either gonna be curry lebron or jokic. Donovan ballin too
tht Really Hurted
tht Really Hurted 4 days ago
No way curry with the record they currently have and same for jokic. if the 76ers finish first in the east I would put my money on embiid being MVP, only thing stopping lebron in my opinion is ADs injury, I can see them dropping a few spots in the west and that'll definitely hurt lebrons MVP chances.
Joe Shine
Joe Shine 4 days ago
Thst coast to coast eurostep was dirty
Ranger Gun
Ranger Gun 4 days ago
thug life
thug life 4 days ago
Center Number 1
marco polo
marco polo 4 days ago
You can’t avoid staring at Tobias’ Kobes.
Dave Lim
Dave Lim 4 days ago
Embiid is the player who no need to have slow motion highlights to show us the slow motion highlights.
ammielfigaroa 4 days ago
Top MVP candidates: 1. Embiid 2. Jokic
jonathan velarde
jonathan velarde 4 days ago
omg jordan jerseys return on nba no. 45 ..whos wearing chicago bulls #45 jersey !! im only the one who can notice it!!!
Janez Žlebir
Janez Žlebir 4 days ago
He trying to be Giannis
Janez Žlebir
Janez Žlebir 4 days ago
@Adrian Rodriguez says the guy that can't hit a 3 pointer or can't even dunk lol
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 4 days ago
@Janez Žlebir nah I'm good. You're probably trash anyway.
Janez Žlebir
Janez Žlebir 4 days ago
@Adrian Rodriguez man stfu already i don't have time to argue with u. If u want to prove me wrong u will have to beat me in a 1v1, in which u have 0 chance (btw i play for Slovenian national basketball team, go watch some of our games. U will prob see me in a match vs israel
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 4 days ago
@Janez Žlebir you must've been living under a rock if you think Embiid is or was ever trash. Look at both of their games and tell me Giannis can do anything Embiid can do on that floor offensively. Giannis gets away with a ton of traveling and pushing off in the paint. If the refs actually called that, he'd be useless.
Janez Žlebir
Janez Žlebir 4 days ago
@Adrian Rodriguez giannis is 2 times mvp + dpoy 2020. Embid ain't even close
YungZ CEO 4 days ago
Everybody be getting career highs on the bulls
Marko R
Marko R 4 days ago
Every other center in the league gets called for offensive fouls when plowing thru defenders like embiid does , but not him ....the ammount of big market free throws he gets makes the league look like WWE wrestling
Hard Barb
Hard Barb 4 days ago
Wdym, he used to get free throw calls but ever since Marcus smart was crying that he flopped (even tho smarts the biggest flipper in the league) he hasn’t been getting calls. Embiid is the best most skillful center in the league rn, he is the MVP so stop being salty and accept it.
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace 4 days ago
2:52 contact like this has happened on every single play in nba history. Refs all game now a days will call stuff like this a foul and on every play there is contact like this that also doesnt get called still. Plz make the switch to robotic officiating🙏🙏🙏🙏
kodak blacks clone
kodak blacks clone 4 days ago
now that’s a *big boa*
Steven Brousseau
Steven Brousseau 4 days ago
Love to see Bigs dominating the game again, tired of small ball only 3 play style
Vicente Lluesma
Vicente Lluesma 5 days ago
It looks like he is playing against little kids
Eric 5 days ago
he's not in the paint enough for me.
Hard Barb
Hard Barb 4 days ago
Well he wasn’t last season but this season he lives there, he is a Hakeem Jr
SandMan 5 days ago
I understand Coaches sit their starters when they are winning but if Embiid never got benched in many games he would score more than 50 points multiple times.
chiodori 5 days ago
How good to see him on his career best run, 1 of 1.
Mikkel 5 days ago
Black Dirk🎯
2quick4 u
2quick4 u 5 days ago
Trey Bens
Trey Bens 5 days ago
Who did RJ not have as a rookie???
Ivann Ossey
Ivann Ossey 5 days ago
He’s on a mission 🙌🏿.
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