Mark Krok
Mark Krok 18 hours ago
Best in the nba
Uroš G
Uroš G 18 hours ago
Deja vu
Brandon Colby
Brandon Colby 18 hours ago
Anyone know what song it is that starts at 5:17?
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed 18 hours ago
darkhorse contenders for goat duo
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel 18 hours ago
2003- most overrated nba class in history
known as xristako
known as xristako 18 hours ago
He is really good this year. Much improved regardless of Bucks record. Media is ignoring him. Even better. When time comes he will just be focused on his own business. Πάμε Γιάννη!
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 18 hours ago
"The Cavs found a star in Lamar" - I can't believe my Cavs made it to #2!
Dimitrious Drakontaidis
Dimitrious Drakontaidis 18 hours ago
Lebron was so close to getting a three peat in the finals with losses 😂
Homeless to Greatness
Homeless to Greatness 18 hours ago
Brad Stevens need to design more plays for Kemba.
CaptZedjay 18 hours ago
Oh my god
Glitchy Mishal
Glitchy Mishal 18 hours ago
GoatMentator is just too damn good.
More Leninist Theory
More Leninist Theory 18 hours ago
"Scoring sells tickets Defense saves games Rebounds, win Championships" -- Pat Summitt There are no shortcuts to 10k rebounds, there is no way to phone in DPOTY, and no matter how many times i watch these clips, i will always get as hype as i did the first time i saw them. Dennis Rodman plays basketball the way it was meant to be played
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 18 hours ago
76ers Lead 2-0
Raffaele Simeoli
Raffaele Simeoli 18 hours ago
longdays shortnites
longdays shortnites 18 hours ago
COMMENTZA THAT YOU? YOU BACK? Man i still got a primo table reserved for you and your brothers RZA N GZA.. Welcolme back CommenTZA.
Carol Fuentes
Carol Fuentes 18 hours ago
Beal beat the Lakers alone
VOIDED 18 hours ago
How is no one talking about Haliburton in these comments?
Tom Landry
Tom Landry 18 hours ago
You’all clippers suck you ain’t winning no championship you’all got a simp in your team
M_ n _M
M_ n _M 18 hours ago
I've really been enjoying all of the basketball and all of the teams(for the most part) this season idk the nba feels hungry hungry this season i'm loving it
Tshim Muaj
Tshim Muaj 18 hours ago
Got the embarrassment but got the dub in the end
Shiva 18 hours ago
Bruh, anthony edwards is serious
ThatOneDude Tho
ThatOneDude Tho 18 hours ago
Glad to see Flight 8(Zach Lavine) in the all star game!
Khan Skinner
Khan Skinner 18 hours ago
The Goatmentator. Thank you
DeadThumbGamer 18 hours ago
Shower off da loss ... wow lol
Nick K
Nick K 18 hours ago
More and better highlights at 21, than 90% of the veteran players
manderp 18 hours ago
Durant’s like “I am not getting injured until it’s playoffs time”
D J 18 hours ago
Why didn't that Boston guy try to dunk it with 00.1 seconds left?
Jonathan Frimerman
Jonathan Frimerman 18 hours ago
Man I honestly think that the Wizards wouldve given the Cavs a better fight than the Celtics since that year they played each other in one of the best games of the year
Zaire Hammonds
Zaire Hammonds 18 hours ago
Thrown technical out the first half ..GooglNBA
Blair Robert
Blair Robert 18 hours ago
Brunson and Luka are really gelling well. I think outside of Mavs fans Jalen is running under the radar a little. Lets get JB signed to a longer contract please. These two are tight off the court and thrive together on it. Happy days.
Wresting Highlights
Wresting Highlights 18 hours ago
Currys stats?
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate 18 hours ago
How's Kyrie only 92 on 2k21
Ryan Wasielewski
Ryan Wasielewski 18 hours ago
Lmao roberson got waived after this game😂
Mo K
Mo K 18 hours ago
Celtics done fell off
CaptZedjay 19 hours ago
Boys were battling out there. Great game from both teams
Catcher Freeman
Catcher Freeman 19 hours ago
Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic’s selection as an All-Star starter was a shock to many fans and even Doncic himself. The 21-year-old admitted as much on Saturday, agreeing with fans who argued that Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard deserved the nod instead. “I didn’t expect that I was going to start this game,” he said, via ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “I know that maybe Lillard deserved it more than me.”
Abdullah Hassan
Abdullah Hassan 19 hours ago
its insane hes a mismatch for everyone too fast for bigs too strong for guards
Dwaggon Twain
Dwaggon Twain 19 hours ago
Take that Skip Bayless
kekkuzzo75 19 hours ago
Welcome in EuroLeague 2021 Jeremy
Rowan 19 hours ago
It’s nice seeing guys like Dennis smith jr. and josh Jackson ball out. They were fizzling out of the league and the pistons gave them a chance! Delon Wright should go to a contender with these young guards playing well.
Yunus Emre
Yunus Emre 19 hours ago
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 19 hours ago
76ers Lead 1-0
Frame Counting
Frame Counting 19 hours ago
The day Steph retires will be a very sad day for basketball fans.